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In one of the most iconic street of Cordoba, nested in the Old Town, opposite to the San Francisco church and next to the only gate from the wall to the old Medina, the Arch del Portillo, exceptionally well preserved and unique of its kind, San Fernando 76, a breeze of pride and harmony.

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Apartment    Amara

The bitter Orange tree is the most fragrant amongst the 15 species including the genius Citrus.

Therefore, our apartment Amara (common name for Citrus Aurantilium or Bitter Orange) is decorated in this special shade of colours, orange and coral.

It has a lounge with sofa bed, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, two windows and a private terrace where to enjoy wonderful sunny breakfast and romantic evenings under the moonlight …


C/San Fernando 76, CP-14 003 CÓRDOBA

tlf:( +34) 622 547 637

Email: info@sanfernando76.com

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Número de registro de turismo A/CO/00059